A Blond Decision

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We watch as Meryl prepares for one of her workout sessions. She puts her shoes on and does a little stretching before she starts practicing her kicks. Then out of nowhere she’s attacked from behind and who is it attacking her? Well, it’s Lilith of course, trying once again to take down our fiery redhead. The sneak attack does give Lilith the advantage and she’s does her best to press her advantage into a victory. Lilith uses head scissors and foot chokes to keep Meryl down. This plan works for a little while, but just when you think Lilith might have finally pulled it off, Meryl sees her opening and battles back. Before Lilith could even know what happened, Meryl is back and her feet and Lilith is the one on the mats. Them we get treated to the kind of beatdown even Lilith, I’m sure, excepted. Meryl goes to town on Lilith with kicks to the head and body, with some foot chokes and scissors of her own. Lilith is dazed and confused in no time and no longer poses a threat to Meryl, even though she still tries. Eventually Meryl has had her fun and her revenge and she puts Lilith down and out for the night. One day Lilith will understand that she is no match for Meryl… One day…


Sneak attack
Various head scissors
Foot choke
Leg chokes
Pulling on clothing
Kicks to the head
Foot press on the belly
HOM smothers
Camel clutch
Victory pose

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Lenght: 19:48 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: 19.99€ EUR


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