Cheaters Never Prosper

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June is excited as she’s waiting for her new boyfriend, but unfortunately instead her boyfriend’s wife, Poison show up. Apparently Poison is the one who planned this meeting trying to find you who her husband is cheating with. June is in an instant panic when she sees a furious Poison show up instead of her boyfriend. June tries to explain herself but Poison is no mood for talking, she attacks only letting June talk for a few seconds before attacking her. We’d like to tell you that Poison found forgiveness in her heart and let June go, but that is the exact opposite of what happened, Poison completely and mercilessly destroys June, ignoring every beg for mercy and prayer for forgiveness. After almost 15 minutes of torture Poison KOs June and is about to leave, but notices June is waking back up. Unhappy with that Poison KOs June again. Just then Poison notice the camera and says to her husband, don’t worry I’ll send her home in an ambulance. She then bangs June’s head off the floor a few times, just to be sure she’s out for good.


Dragon Bedtimeer
Trash talking
Various head scissors
Hand over mouth smothers
Camel clutch
Head bounced off floor

Video Information:

Lenght: 16:30 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: 14.99€ EUR


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