Delusions of Grandeur

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The Queen is in Budapest, Hungary looking for some competition, complaining that the Italian girls don’t fight her fair. Orsi B. is happy to answer The Queen’s call, as she has heard that Elizabeth is not as tough as she thinks she is. The ladies agree to have a battle, they square up and the match is on. It seems that Orsi has heard correctly as she completely and utterly destroys Elizabeth with pretty much no problem at all. The Queen talks a good game, but is repeatedly overpowered and KO’d. Each time Orsi scores a KO she wrenches it on a couple times to makes sure Elizabeth is out. With each wrench of the KO hold Orsi does causes Elizabeth to start twitching until Orsi lets her go. The Queen is then woken up, and even thought Elizabeth is clearly getting weaker and more dazed, she always gets up ready for more. Orsi of course is trash talking Elizabeth the whole time, especially when she is able to throw Elizabeth and trap her in the ropes. Elizabeth is too weak to get herself free, but after some more verbal humiliation and spanking Orsi helps The Queen out of the ropes, of course only to KO her again. After Elizabeth is hung upside down in the corner and her belly is beaten on, she can take no more and goes out for good. Orsi plays with her limp body for a little while before finally taking her victory pose and leaving The Queen to bedtime it off.


Trash talking
Guillotine choke w/ body scissors
Grapevine pin w/ breast smother
School girl pin
Triangle choke
Full nelson w/ body scissors
Camel clutch
Open eyes KOs
Limp play
Dazed reactions
Head lock
Head scissors
Belly punching
Foot choking
Tree of woe
Belly kick
Victory pose

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Lenght: 25:00 Minutes
Format: MP4
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