Dumbass becomes dumbbell for Ninel’s Workout

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Ninel walking into a gym for her daily… maybe hourly… work out, where she finds Nikki there, doing who knows what, I mean he’s weak and pathetic so we know he’s not working out. Anyway, Ninel does a few pushes ups and then decides that this isn’t going to do it. She turns to Nikki and tells him she needs some weights. He replies that there is none. Ninel tells him that he doesn’t understand what she means and proceeds to knee Nikki in the gut and toss him easily on to her shoulders. After doing a few squats with this awful excuse for a man, he begs to be put down, which Ninel actually does. Nikki complains that she can’t just pick him up and carry him around whenever she wants, but Ninel explains that since she is much stronger then him she can do what she wants. Nikki tries to refuse, or resist, but he is useless and Ninel does as she pleases, picking him up and carrying him around. Ninel also compares their bodies, showing how she is big and strong and sexy, while he is… well none of those things. After becoming bored of his constant whimpering, Ninel claims that she’s done a lulls him in for a hug. Of course, that merciful hug turns in a bearhug and the fragile Nikki passes out the wimp that he is. Ninel isn’t satisfied so she wakes him up for some more hugs until the little punk can’t be woken up anymore.


Knees to the gut
OTS Carries
Fireman’s carries
Torture racks
Cradle carries
Bear hugs
Body comparison

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Lenght: 21:47 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: 19.99€ EUR

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