Finish Her

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This special video doesn’t need too much explanation, but that doesn’t mean we don’t think it’s awesome. Our two biggest fan favorites, Stella and Elizabeth take turns “finishing” each other, mostly with amazingly dramatic neck snaps. Elizabeth gets to go first, as we repeatedly fade in to see her ready to finish Stella off and the with a sudden twist of the neck Stella gets broken and goes completely goes limp, prefect for spot for The Queen’s victory pose. We mixed in a few knife kills as well, but as mentioned the true focus is one neck snaps. Stella gets to go next, for the second half of the video, and it is more amazingly dramatic neck snapping action with The Queen taking the fall this time. We now get several minutes of Elizabeth’s demise as Stella get to sand over her proudly.


Many neck snap “kills”
Knife “kills”
Face punches
Dramatic reactions
Victory poses

Video Information:

Lenght: 12:07 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: 11.99€ EUR

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