Homewrecker Defeats Wife

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Meryl enters the room, looks like she just returned from a work out. She begins to remove her clothes when Thea walks in, claiming she’s been fucking her husband. Meryl rightfully flips out and attacks Thea. She is able to beat Thea down quite thoroughly, even KOing her. But when Meryl goes for the pin, Thea springs to life and low blows Meryl mid pin. Thea uses her cheap shot to take advantage of the situation and now it Meryl who is getting a thorough beatdown. Thea take great joy in adding physical pain to the emotional pain she already gave to Meryl, as she laughs and trash talks her way through the entire domination. Finally ending things with and hand smother KO and a little face sitting for good measure, Thea takes her pin and victory pose, before heading off to go meet Meryl husband again.


Head lock
Various head scissors
HOM smothers
Body scissors
Dragon bedtimeer
Camel clutch
Cross face
Low blow
Modified bow and arrow
Boston crab
Face sit
Victory pose

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Lenght: 21:00 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: 19.99€ EUR

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