If You’re Not Cheating You’re Not Trying

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We fade in to find Stella on knees with her back to her camera and she’s working on something, soon she turns around and starts putting her boxing gloves on, it’s clear that she’s done something to her gloves, something that can’t be good. It makes even more obvious that Stella’s up to no good when Elizabeth walks in, Stella has an evil grin across her face that she couldn’t hide if she tried. Elizabeth, obviously unaware of Stella evil plan, is calm and confident, ready to get this boxing match started. The match begins, Stella ducks out of the way of a few punches and counters with a punch to The Queen’s gut. Elizabeth folds in half from the impact and the suddenly look of surprised and panic comes across her face. But of course our Queen isn’t just going to call of a fight because something seems off, no, she’s going to fight through it. Elizabeth does her best to keep fighting, but every punch Stella lands feels like she’s getting hit with a sledge hammer. Elizabeth soon goes down on the mats, and Stella cockily counts towards 10 while laying down with her, just to rub it in a little more. Elizabeth manages to beat the count, but it’s clear that she’s hurt, and Stella just targets her injury, continuing to damage Elizabeth’s midsection. After several more knockdowns Stella delivers an uppercut that KOs Elizabeth, but as Stella counts to ten, she decides The Queen hasn’t had enough yet and pushs Elizabeth back into the land of the living. However, Elizabeth is too hurt, and too weak to get back to her feet. After trying to help Elizabeth stand and seeing there’s no point, Stella delivers another crushing uppercut, putting Elizabeth back it to dream land instantly. This time it’s really over, as Elizabeth twitches and drools on the mats. Stella counts to ten, slowly, as she is so smug, she can’t help but smile at the success of her plan. Stella takes her victory pose, admitting that she weighted her gloves, but doesn’t care, she’s still super happy with her win. We just hope, for her sake, Elizabeth doesn’t find. Remember what happened the last time Elizabeth found out that Stella beat her unfairly?


Face punches
Belly punches
Dramatic reactions
Trash talking
Twitching, drooling, tongue protrusion and open eyes KO (for the last KO only.)

Video Information:

Lenght: 15:24 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: 14.99€ EUR

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