I’ll Be a bitch to who I want

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It’s seems the ladies have grown tired of Alyssa beating them all the time and they are sick of her attitude. So they have paid Cherry to set Alyssa straight. Cherry meets up with Alyssa and tells her why she’s here and what’s going to happen, but Alyssa is unfazed by Cherry’s tough talk. So the fight begins and Cherry is able to take control. Using several submission holds and some brutal belly busters, Cherry is able to maintain control over Alyssa for a little while, but Cherry makes the mistake of thinking that Alyssa is done and she takes the time to remove her top and talk to the camera. Of course Alyssa gets up during this time and attack Cherry from behind. Now Alyssa has full control over Cherry and runs her through the wringer until a final TriangleHold KO puts Cherry down. Alyssa isn’t quite done though, she takes some pictures of her defeated foe, to show those how paid for Cherry to beat her up and she steals Cherry’s shoes too, just for good measure.
Various head scissors
Knees to the belly
Camel clutch
Belly buster
Clothing removal (non-nude)
Stomp to the crotch
Mounted face punches
Foot to the face humiliation
Victory pose
Photo taking humiliation
Shoe removal and theft

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Lenght: 17:55 Minutes
Format: MP4

Price: 17.99€ EUR

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