Meryl’s Karateka feet

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In this two-part video, Stella gets her butt kick by Meryl karateka feet in both scenes. The first sense Stella and Meryl are biker chicks, all dressed in sexy black leather outfits. Meryl is wearing converse sneakers while Stella is wearing some badass boots. Stella claims that a real biker should wear boots like hers, while wearing sneakers is ridiculous. Meryl disagrees and Stella attacks her with a kick to the stomach. Unfortunately, Stella’s kick is weak and has no effect on Meryl. Stella tries a few more kicks, but still nothing. Meryl says, “I can wear what I want!” and with a kick to the belly and a punch to the face, Meryl drops Stella with ease. Meryl tells Stella that from here on out, she will only use her feet to punish Stella and that is exactly what she does. With lots of powerful kicks to the belly and the face Meryl mercilessly dominates Stella until finally Stella can take no more and is KO’d.

In scene two, Stella is in a kick boxing shorts, a short tank top with foot pads, she stands across from Meryl who is in a full karate gi. Stella claims that she has beautiful soles and therefore Meryl doesn’t stand a chance in their upcoming fight. Meryl says you haven’t seen mine, and with that kicks Stella in the face, instantly dazing Stella. “Now you have seen my soles!” says Meryl as she again begins her domination of Stella, again using only her feet as an offensive tool. When Stella is clearly beaten and is down on the floor barely conscious and gasping for air. Meryl sits on Stella’s belly and pushs her to lick her nasty, disgusting feet, which are blackened from walking around bare foot. Stella has no choice but to obey, removing some of the grim from the bottom of Meryl’s feet with her tongue. Satisfied with her domination and humiliation of Stella, Meryl KO’s Stella with a kick to the face and heads out.


Kicks to the face and body
Karateka Feet

Trash talking
Pushd foot licking
Dirty feet licking

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Lenght: 12:23 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: 11.99€ EUR

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