The KO Challenge

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Ninel, Orsi and Zazie gather and come up with an idea to have an KO challenge, that is after Ninel and Orsi talk about how they can easily beat Zazie in a normal match, so the look to do something different. Zazie quickly accepts this KO challenge idea, oddly confident, considering her opponents. Nonetheless, the challenge begins, and Ninel and Zazie are up first, while Orsi watches from the sidelines. As comes to a surprise to no one, Zazie is easily defeated by Nine and put down. Orsi ceases her opportunity and attacks Ninel from behind. Ninel tries, but can’t free herself, succumbing to Orsi’s attack, making Orsi the winner of that round. Next round starts and it’s Orsi vs Zazie and again no one is surprised when Zazie gets KO’d again. But payback is a bitch and this time Ninel attacks from behind putting Orsi down, making her the winner of that round. The two powerful ladies go back and forth, KOing Zazie, and each other a few times until finally Orsi and Ninel start out a round vs each other and surprisingly, Zazie does not take the chance to attack for behind. This actually stops the others from attacking from behind and Zazie actually starts holding her own, gaining KO over Orsi and eventually even over Nine. Thing go round and round like this for a while, with Zazie doing a surprisingly for herself, not flawless, but well. Finally, thing come down to a three-way head scissors contest and Orsi is the first to go out, then Ninel takes care of Zazie. Ninel then goes to pose over Orsi, but Orsi comes back to life and takes down Ninel, just as Ninel goes down, Zazie attack from behind and Orsi goes out again. Ninel tries to get up, but is too dazed and Zazie takes full advantage of that putting Ninel back out, leaving Zazie as the last woman standing and the winner of this KO challenge matchup.


Posing/body comparison
Reverse Bearhug
Various head scissors
Body scissors
Victory poses
Hang man choke hold
Skull crusher
Reverse bedtimeer
Piggy back bedtimeer
Breast smother
Foot smother
Face sitting

Video Information:
Lenght: 21:33 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: 18.99€ EUR

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