Lick my feet, I’ll carry and then you can go

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Defeated has acquired two new talents, Orsi B and Zazie, so of course we had to put them against one another to see who’s best. The ladies circle each other and flex in their awesome new branded robes, before disrobing for a little more flexing and then this match it on. Orsi B immediately takes control and never ever gives it up. Orsi dominates Zazie from beginning to end. First Orsi puts Zazie through the wringer with a smorgasbord of submission holds that finally ends with Orsi making a deal with Zazie. If Zazie licks her feet, like a good girl and does it right, Orsi will let her go. Zazie having been completely out classed and dominated for the past 15 minutes has no choice but to take the deal. Orsi keeps her promise and lets Zazie go, but she’s not done with her just yet. She says that wrestling Zazie was no fun, so she’s going to carry her for a while, because she’s light as a feather. Zazie doesn’t look happy about it, but says nothing and doesn’t resist too much as Orsi lifts her up on to her shoulders and parades around the ring with her. Orsi B does a few more carries, again with pretty much no resistance from Zazie, until finally she’s had enough fun with that. Orsi puts Zazie down in that corner and says, we’re still friends, you just need a little bit more training that’s all. Zazie still doesn’t say anything, but she doesn’t look very happy about the outcome of this match up.


Headlock take down
Various head scissors
Face sitting
Body scissors
Camel clutch
Leg nelson
Breast smother
Arm bar
Triangle choke
Foot smother
Foot licking
Fireman’s carry
Piledrive position carry
Bear hug
Reverse bear hug
Over the shoulder carry

Video Information:
Lenght: 25:54 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: 19.99€ EUR

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