Not My Boss’s Bitch

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Luna is in the office getting her morning paper work done when her boss, Zafira, walks in yelling about how she got her coffee order wrong, or something. Luna doesn’t care too much about her boss’s complaints until Zafira starts threating to beat Luna down. Luna laughs, knowing damn well that her boss can’t fight, she even warns her, saying, “I hope you’re joking”. Zafira only gets more upset and tries to punch Luna in the face. Luna easy ducks Zafira’s punch attempt, then instantly drops her note pad saying, “so you are serious”. Zafira insults Luna again, but this time Luna responds with a punch to the face. Zafira is already reeling from the first punch, but she’s in big trouble and this fight is just starting. Luna goes on to mercilessly beat down her boss with punches to the face and belly with a few knees, a little stripping and some spanking for good measure. It’s isn’t long before Zafira is begging for forgiveness, but it’s a little too late. Luna continues her beat down for several more minutes making sure to negotiate a promotion before quitting the beat down on Zafira. Luna takes a few pictures of her victory pose, to make sure she gets her promotion and then leaves Zafira on the floor to lick her wounds.


Face punching
Lots of belly punching
Fist grinding in the belly
Clothing removal (non-nude)
Victory pose

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Lenght: 14:20 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: 14.99€ EUR

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