Not superheroine, super ragdoll

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Amirah stands in the ring talking about how there’s and evil guy going around and she’s going to catch him and put him down, like she’s some kind of superheroine vigilante. Of course, the guy in question walks in only seconds later. Amirah being a woman of her word actually does exactly as she said, grabbing him in a sleeper hold and putting him down. Amirah then goes back to the camera to brag about how easy that was. Unfortunately for Amirah, this isn’t a comic books story, she’s not a superheroine and this video is far from over. The evil man wakes up, drags Amirah to the ground and locks on a sleeper hold on his own. Amirah struggles but her eyes roll back in her head, her body twitches a little bit and she goes out like a light. For the next 20 mins or so Amirah is a total ragdoll, completely limp and at his mercy. Every time Amirah even starts to wake up, he is quick to lock her back in a sleeper hold, causing her eyes to roll, her body to twitch a little and her to go limp again. During the 20 min ragdoll session, he plays with Amirah’s limp body, poses her and carries her around a bit, even puts her in a few submission holds. And the only reaction she can give us is some moans in pain, but that’s it. At the end of that 20 mins ragdoll session he binds her hands, removes some of her clothing and carries her away. Cut to another day and Amirah back in the ring donned in a sexy skin tight cat suit, she on the phone with someone telling them not to worry, she’ll bring him to justice and she can do it by herself. Wrong again Amirah, as he sneaks up behind her and puts her in a sleeper hold yet again. Then it’s déjà vu, Amirah’s eyes to roll, her body to twitches a little and she goes limp again and again she is his to play with and play he does. Playing with Amirah’s limp body, posing her in different position, carrying her around a bit and of course even puts her in a few submission holds where she can do nothing but moan in pain. Finally, after about 15 more minutes of ragdoll fun he leaves Amirah face down with her butt in the air. Amirah comes to only moments later, sits up on her knees and says, “I guess he’s gone again”, before falling on her back spread eagle.


Sleeper holds
Eye rolling
Lots of ragdolling
Limp play
Submission holds
Clothing removal (non-nude)

Video Information:

Lenght: 46:05 Minutes
Format: MP4

Price: 29.99€ EUR

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