Orsi fails her strength test

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Alyssa challenges Orsi to a wrestling match, both girls seem confident as the match begins. It doesn’t take long to see that Alyssa is clearly the stronger of the two as she quickly takes control, and she keeps control of the match too, completely dominating Orsi. Now, Orsi does try her ass off, trying to fight against Alyssa strength, but it’s all in vain as Alyssa is just too powerful for poor Orsi. It doesn’t take long before Alyssa realizes that she’s got this one in the bag and starts to have some fun the Orsi, trash talking, removing her shoes and humiliating her. Orsi is twisted and bent for a while until Alyssa makes Orsi say please, nicely, to let her go. Once Orsi obeys Alyssa, Alyssa lets her go as promised. Of course Alyssa takes her victory pose and really rubs in her victory.


Trash talking
Face kick
Various head scissors
Camel clutch
Bow and arrow lock
Hair pulling
School girl pin
Shoe removal
Crotch stomping
Face sitting
Victory pose

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Lenght: 16:12 Minutes
Format: MP4
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