School girls are Meda’s favorite toys

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This is a really fun and silly video we hope you guys enjoy. We had Valerie, Lilith and Meryl dress up in super sexy school girl outfits and had them play sentries for Meda to KO and play with, What we got was a multiple awesome scenes of Meda sneaking up on 2 sometimes 3 girls at a time KOing them and ragdolling their limp bodies for a while, before she finished each of them off with a quick neck snap and then pilling their bodies on top of each other. Most of the KOs are by massive TriangleHolds where Meda wraps her arms around the two or three sentries and chokes them all out at once. There are also a few times where Meda uses quick, but deadly neck chops to KO the girls. The ragdolling was either some limp play where Meda just tosses and drags their bodies around like nothing or sometimes she’ll lock on a submission hold and watch them twitch and moan. The girls had some fun performing a little over the top in this one and of course Meda had a ton of fun destroying them, as she does best. We just hope you guys have nearly as much fun watching this excellent KO and limp play filled video.


Massive multi-victim TriangleHolds
Lots of KOs
Tongue protrusion
Limp play
Neck chops
Necks snaps
Body piles

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Lenght: 30:20
Format: MP4
Price: 24.99€ EUR


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