Stella proves she’s indeed a jobber

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Meryl is working out when Stella walks in and Says, “Meryl, you’re a pathetic jobber!” and challenges her to a match. Meryl, a bit confused and caught off guard by these accusations, accepts Stella’s challenge. Stella is quick and kicks Meryl in the gut and quickly locks on TriangleHold. Meryl Struggles, but soon enough goes out. Stella feels that she has already won and approaches the camera to talk about the lesson she just taught Meryl and talk about how no matter what people say, she is not a jobber, in fact she claims that she is a real fighter and the best fighter here. While Stella boasts about herself and how good she is. Meryl makes it back to her feet and jumps on Stella’s back locking in a TriangleHold. Now it is Stella who struggles, but goes out, with her tongue out and her eyes rolled back in her head. This is just the start for Stella, because Meryl intends to make sure that Stella knows that she is indeed a jobber and not the best fighter here by any stretch of the imagination. Meryl goes on to completely and utterly dominate Stella with head scissors and submissions, until a foot choke leads to Meryl forcing Stella to kiss her sexy bright red converse. Once Stella reluctantly obliges Meryl’s demands, Meryl finish off Stella with the another foot choke. Our victorious redhead poses proudly over Stella, knowing she has put Stella back in her place, and that place is out cold and defeated in the middle out mats, like the jobber she is.

Belly kick
Eye rolling
Tongue protrusion
Various head scissors
Hand over mouth smothers
Extreme back bend boston carb
Bow and arrow lock
Reverse bear hug
Foot choke
Pushs shoe kissing
Victory pose

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Format: MP4
Price: 12.99€ EUR

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