The boxing champ

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Orsi has issued a challenge to the current Defeated Boxing Champion, Alyssa. Orsi feels like she is the better boxer and is very vocal about that before the match begins. Alyssa is confident in her skills and assures Orsi that she didn’t become champion by a fluke. The match beings and the ladies trade punches back and forth. It seems that Alyssa is getting a few more punches in that Orsi, but both ladies make it out of the first round pretty even. During the quick round break Orsi continues to show her confidence, telling the camera she will take the champion down in the next round. The next round starts and again things are pretty even. I would give the edge to Alyssa, as she was the first to score a knock down. Another round in the books and Orsi again talks to the camera between rounds. Next round starts and this time Orsi scores a knockdown on Alyssa, this round is a clear win for Orsi. Now Orsi think she can win this match in the next round, but unfortunately for her, Alyssa is back in control in the next round, this time completely dominating Orsi from bell to bell. Now Alyssa is starting to have some real fun, laughing as she dominates the quickly weakening Orsi. The final round begins and it’s clear that Orsi is in big trouble, she gets knocked down a lot in the round, but makes it back to her feet several times until finally after some heavy punches in the corner Orsi goes down and out. Alyssa is unsurprised by her victory, never losing faith that she would win. The still reigning Defeated Boxing Champion takes her final victory pose over the defeated Orsi B.


Trash talking
Face punching
Belly Punching
Knock Downs
Victory pose

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